Tomorrow (23rd of July)! The Biggest Spiritual Parade in Edinburgh

Rathayatra or the Sacred Chariot Festival is the most extraordinary cart festival that originates in Jagannatha Puri on the east coast of India and dates back over 5,000 years. During the festival, the beautiful Deity of Lord Jagannath (sansk. “The Master of the Universe”) who is placed on a chariot is pulled by the people. Jagannatha represents an integration of all the important Hindu cultures that had flourished in India, including the Vedic, Puranic, Tantric, Smarta, Vaisnava, Jainism, Buddhism and the aboriginal tribes. This auspicious Festival cleanses all sins and grants liberation for all its’ participants.

We will start pulling  at 2 P.M. from Meadows Park, via High street and move towards Holyrood Park.

Music, Dance, FREE Vegetarian Feast!

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