Poem “DANCING GOD” by Paraschiva Florescu

 Dancing God
by Paraschiva Florescu 
His name comes out in a cry
my mouth rolls with anticipation
look how He dances on my tongue
how with each step He presses the soft sole
my skin rising in ecstasy
and He rolls on the edge of my heart
from His hands mercy flowing like rivers
I yearn for Him to find me
pull me up from the back of my neck
place me on His chest
father-like with warmth
this time I will not leave
for I have known darkness and strangers
enough enough
now He comes home
a golden pulse of life, unmovable light
He watches
and I catch His tears and make them my own
as He becomes space of silence
the unspoken words and happenings of my life
as He becomes sweet taste on my lips
the soft turning of time
on my tongue
He dances dances dances
and never stops
Paraschiva Florescu: I am a Law student at Edinburgh University, but I also organize Kirtans and introductory bhakti yoga sessions for the student community. I enjoy writing poetry, studying the scriptures, reading and I recently finished a Kirtan course in the Radhadesh community in Belgium, after which I am inspired to spread kirtan throughout Scotland and introduce Krishna to many souls with a thirst for hearing. I can be reached atpara.skevi@yahoo.com and I publish regularly poetry on my blog.

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